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#7 - How to Create a Markdown Blog in PHP With the Slim Framework and Why You Should Love the Slim Framework

In this episode, I step through a recent post that I wrote for the Twilio blog showing how to build a Markdown-based blog with the Slim Framework and PHP's Iterators - and really show the love for Slim Framework.

#6 - Using Composer Path Repositoriess While Running PHP Apps With Docker Compose

In this week's episode I shared a little experience I had during the week where I didn't update my docker-compose.yml file to account for the fact that the path to a forked git repository was outside of my default Docker context, and how I quickly fixed it. Plus a tease for next week's episode covering JWTs, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect.

#5 - Docker Essentials (the book) is READY. Let's have a celebratory episode

In this episode, I'm not talking much tech, sharing a bit of behind-the-scenes stories about what it took to get Docker Essentials finished, about what it's taken to create the trailer for the book and course, where the podcast is heading, and more.

#4 - Docker Essentials (the Book) is READY (and what I learned about docker build recently)

In this episode, I'm SUPER excited to share with you that Docker Essentials, the book that I've been working on for many months is finally READY! I'm also keen to share with you what I've learned about the docker build command, recently, too!

#3 - Recent experiences and learnings with tailwindcss

In this episode, I share some of my recent experiences and learnings with tailwindcss, my frontend, css framework of choice, specifically building a fully responsive design for a new page on https://webdevwithmatt.com

#2 - Sharing the love for the responsive design mode in modern web browsers

In this episode, I'm sharing my absolute love and affection for responsive design mode in modern web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It's made my life soooo much easier, that I want to make sure you know about it too.

1. How to tell a Docker client to communicate with a remote Docker daemon

In this episode, I discuss how the Docker client communicates with the Docker daemon, how I came to re-learn this essential fact while building a CD workflow in GitHub Actions recently, and how it helped me overhaul the final chapter of the Docker Essentials book and course.

Podcast Introduction

If you're thinking of subscribing to the podcast, but don't know what it's about, listen to this episode. In just a few short minutes, I'll share with you what you're going to get each and every week.

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