Will we end up with AI-generated technical debt?

In this episode, unlike in previous ones, I have a guest on the show. I sit down with my friend Andrew Kew to talk about whether AI is a net positive or negative for us as developers, and for society more widely. It was such a solid discussion that I felt my position become a little more open-minded to AI having a positive impact.

That said, it was heartening to remember that, when working with AI, that your prompt needs to be very accurate and detailed so that it will do what you want it to do. And, that as good as it is, it has quite a long way to go yet. More specifically for us as developers, customers still need to clearly define requirements, we as developers, need to understand the domain, and that AI's not a replacement for developers, rather a complimentary tool; a sparing partner if you will.

Guest(s): Andrew Kew.

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Will we end up with AI-generated technical debt?
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